SEO Solutions for Every Company

It’s time to face the music by giving search engine optimization (SEO) your undivided attention. You’ve been busy starting your company, finding a location, and hiring a group of salespeople to sell your products, but you haven’t had time to look into digital marketing. The hefty price of traditional advertisements is eating up your marketing budget, but digital marketing is a worthy investment that comes at a low cost to your company. Investing in digital marketing solutions that work brings high quality leads to your sales team. The beauty of using digital marketing in place of traditional marketing is that digital marketing strategies are far easier to analyze, so you’ll know that your company is getting a good return on its investment. However, you’re going to need to find a way to get ahead of your competitors who have been using SEO to rise to the top of your industry. Investing in a personal blog network might be the solution you need.

Secrets of SEO

Not everything is known about how search engines operate. For instance, the way that search engines have been programmed by developers to display search engine results pages (SERPs) is a mystery that marketing professionals have analyzed to no end. Marketing professionals have been able to understand some of the ways that search engines rank their results, however. Using data analysis, marketing professionals believe that the quality of the content on the webpage is among one of the highest pieces of criteria that search engines use in their ranking algorithms. The length of each article your company posts on its blog should be over 2,000 words in order to contain enough valuable information to be referenced by other websites. Being referenced makes your website into an authority, and search engines rank authoritative websites higher than those that haven’t been referenced by others. However, there is a way to gain this recognition without so much work.

Why Getting Backlinks is Good SEO

When a webpage is referenced by another website on the internet, it gains what is called a backlink. This acts like a digital referral system, telling the search engines that your website is putting trustworthy content onto the internet. A site with more backlinks appeals to the search engine; if the webpage is easy for the search engine to crawl, it will rank that site high on its list of search results. This also depends upon the keywords that the user uses in their search. Users that are searching for a company in their neighborhood will find results based upon their location, and companies try to appeal to these consumers by using local SEO strategies. Getting Links and local business citations is one of the most crucial parts of climbing the ranks of your competitors in the SERPs, but it is frustrating to try to find all those other websites that will reference your company’s blog. Building referrals through creating great content and sharing that content on social media is an organic method that is proven to work, but there is another way to climb high in SERPs without going through so much trouble.

What is Bad SEO?

Before we explore this idea of creating a personal blog network on your own, it’s important to understand the difference between good and bad practices in SEO. Good SEO practices involve getting backlinks through organic means, researching keywords, using keywords in content, creating engaging content, and making your website run smoother. All of these practices should be part of your marketing plan in order to have a sustainable source of leads for the future. Your sales team is counting on quality leads, so don’t think about putting all of your money into investing in advertisements. You’re creating a funnel for leads that come from targeted sources. Instead of creating short articles with too many keywords, you’re creating content that engages the consumer. Fluffing your blogs with extra words to reach a certain word count is a bad SEO practice, and overusing keywords is another type of bad SEO practice that should be avoided as well.

How Some SEO Experts Found a Trick to SEO

Since the way that search engines operate is a mystery, it’s hard to imagine that there could be any tricks to having better SEO. However, some brilliant marketing professionals have discovered a source for backlinks without going through the difficult process of building relationships with other websites. When your company creates great content for the internet, the next step is getting authoritative websites to reference your webpages through something called an outreach program. The conversion rates for this type of activity are fairly low because the authoritative websites are getting slammed with emails asking for their site to reference other companies. However, creating a personal blog network of your own means that you are in control of what information is published. Your personal blog network should be designed to refer your main company’s blog posts. Hopefully, this concept is becoming clearer by now. It’s simple to understand, but it’s another process that takes a lot of work to get started.

Starting Your First PBN

While you’re getting your company started on the leads that you already have, you’re going to need to invest money into finding business for the future. Starting your first PBN or Private Blog Network will help get your company the recognition it deserves without going through much hassle. To start your first PBN, you need to have your company’s website up and running, and there should already be content on your company’s website in order to have some webpages for your PBN to promote. In order to make your first PBN, you’re going to need to purchase the URL of a pre-existing website that is no longer in business. This website needs to be an authoritative website that was been referenced when it was around online or you can buy some quality PBN links from reputable vendors like or Superstar.

Cashing in on Your Main Site

By referencing your main site’s content, your new PBN will be making your main site look like an authority figure. Whenever an authoritative website cites your website, it helps your website climb higher in the search results. When you have multiple websites in your PBN, you have multiple sites under your control. From all of the authoritative websites you’ll choose for your PBN, your website will be receiving more references than your competition, so you should start to see more leads coming in from people who found your company through SERPs. This strategy will pay for itself in no time at all.

Getting Quality Leads for Your Company

Getting quality leads for your sales team is your responsibility. You’re running a company that provides a valuable service to your community, but you need to make sure that the right people are seeing your company’s webpages in their search results. Your competitors have been in business longer than you have, so they’re going to have an easier time finding other sites to cite their new blog posts. They might even be using a PBN to assist them in this endeavor. You’re doing a service to your sales team by investing in this SEO strategy.